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Search Engine Marketing Services

To achieve high level of success getting listed on the major search engines requires a combination of search engine marketing services as outlined below.

Keyword Market Analysis
Selecting the right keywords and phrases is critical to the success of any search engine marketing campaign. It will require analysis of your keyword market(s) to ensure proper keyword selection.

Website Content Analysis
Understanding the best use of page titles, META tags, and the density and frequency of keywords within a website's content is critical to the process of executing the right search engine optimization strategy. We will carefully review each web page to be submitted to search engines and update the page as necessary to achieve best results.

Website Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of modifying META data and other variables within web pages to fit within the criteria, or algorithms, set by search engines to ensure optimal placement.

Professional Submission
Optimizing a web page is only part of a successful SEO implementation. How, What, When and Where to submit also requires a calculated approach. We use a variety of website submission methods to meet the needs of each new client.

Hand Submissions
Performing page submissions by hand (as opposed to an automated bot) is recognized as the best method for optimal placement within Internet directories and search engines. Hand submissions also help to ensure that each search engine's submission guidelines are followed and most of the major search engines will not except automated submission.

Link popularity
This is one of the most important aspects of good placement, when highly ranked websites link back to your website it improves your ranking. It is almost impossible to get good placement on without link popularity. As a Snappy Design client you will enjoy the benefits of our exclusive client link exchange program.

Submission Verification
We verify all submissions and log all responses for search engine submission.

Monitoring & Reporting
The ability to analyze Internet marketing results is an important aspect of any on-line marketing campaign. We use website statistics to analyze traffic therefore with every hosting account we provide server logs and have statistical software installed that can also track referrer and search terms used.

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Everything you need to sell products and or services on the Internet.
Website optimization and search engine placement services.
Custom programming and database development.


This is a relative figure, it will depend on your budget and the extent of the Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing performed. As you can see from the explanation it can be a very time consuming process. As a minimum you should expect to pay $700 to $1500 for the submission/optimization process.

There are more than a million web pages being put on the Internet every day, therefor it is important to look at search engine marketing as a long term strategy. To get the best results will require monitoring your website statistics and further optimizing the web pages to improve ranking.

We recommend that you budget $500 per month for the first six months and as is with any marketing endeavor you can spend as little or as much as your budget allows.


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